KMSH-Bedër, promote the book "Basic Arguments of Hanafi Fiqh"

The Department of Islamic Sciences, in cooperation with the Department of Culture in the Muslim Community of Albania, promoted the book "The Basic Arguments of the Hanafi Fiqh", edition of the PCC.

The activity was opened by greetings from Dr. Genti Kruja, Head of the Department of Islamic Sciences, and Director of Culture and Education at KMSH, Dorian Demetja.

In this event the special guest was Mr. Redin Quku, the Mufti of Durrës. Mr. Quku analyzed the work in detail by pointing out the issues that today are considered problematic and not easily understandable to the wider extent. He also unveiled the valuable work the author has done with the compilation of this work, where I did not thank the translator of this work who was present during the promotion.

During this meeting, a fruitful conversation took place, where both lecturers and students expressed their experiences, impressions and questions to the panelists about the work being promoted as well as about the themes dealt with.