Student Club "Message of Life" organized the seminar "When books talk " VI

The Department of Islamic Sciences in cooperation with the student of the club "The Message of Life" in the framework of the continuation of the seminar cycle "When the books speak" held today, the sixth meeting, where they discussed the work "Three elements of the structure of Islam Faith "With Mr. Xhemal Balla and the Dean of the Faculty of Human Sciences Prof. dr. Assoc. Dr. Rahim Ombashi.

During the activity, under the moderator of Abdullah Bulku, Prof. Assoc. Dr. Rrahim Ombashi made a presentation of the work and the religious, cultural and scientific corps you can find in this book.

While the guest of this activity Mr. Xhemal Balla made a general analysis of the book and spoke more broadly about the three elements of Islamic Islam, such as Islam, Iman and Iqsan. He also spoke of the causes that had led to the realization of this book and the need of our society for such a deed. The book is intertwined with a wealth of arguments from the basic sources of religion (Qur'an and Sunnah), as well as from science and history. The method by which the author introduced the book is such that the book is not intended solely to meet the needs of believing Muslims, but it is also directed to those who want to study or recognize the arguments of Islamic faith. While Mr. Balla invited all students from the Department of Islamic Sciences to use the materials of this book, but also to extend their research into future research.

The cycle of seminars "When the books talk" will continue over the next few weeks with other invitees, who will analyze and chat with students on a variety of authors' works.