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Head of Department
Dr. Skender Brucaj sbrucaj@beder.edu.al
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[email protected]

The formation of individuals who possess the qualities of fundamental sources of Islamic sciences and who read and interpret them accurately; who follow the needs and progress of the field closely; who are active and ready to cooperate; who are enlightened; who possess moral and ethical qualities; who are integrated into the society; who possess universal ethical values and who represent their profession appropriately.

Help students gain skills and competencies of reading and assessing the basic sources of Islamic sciences. Educating students in a way that they can absorb sufficient knowledge about the social and religious aspects of sciences so that they can observe the interrelationships within the field. Gain ability to express in oral and written form what he or she has been taught. Producing solutions to the problems encountered in field of research and propose it to the public institutions. Performing of the professional practices.

Employment Opportunities:

Students graduating in the Department of Islamic Sciences have employment opportunities in various institutions, as specialists in the field they study, to which every day the importance of the particulars that they contain is increased, by preparing cadres of a specific field, so integrated with different study areas.

Students who graduate from the Department of Islamic Sciences will have employment opportunities, first, in all institutions under the Albanian Muslim Community  from the Central Headquarters, to local offices in all the cities of Albania, run by 35 the muftinies of the Republic, as well as in all the mosques, courses and cultural centers, which are administered by the districts of the respective cities.

Secondly, students who graduate from the Department of Islamic Sciences may be employed as teachers, starting from the 9-year school cycle, in the middle class of the maDr.asas, which are AMC institutions, which extend to Tirana, Durrës, Shkodër, Kavaja, Elbasan and Korça. Another employment opportunity is also as a research assistant or lecturer at University College Bedër.

Our students are mainly employed at the Muslim Community of Albania, in the "Bedër" University College, the madrasah of Albania, other schools in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and different countries of origin of students, from the countries they came.

Students who graduate in the Islamic Sciences department of Bedër have numerous employment opportunities in different educational, public and private institutions as well as in different foundations and associations.

Department Members:

No. Title Name Surname e-Mail
1. Dr. Genti Kruja [email protected]
2. Prof.Asoc.Dr. Rahim Ombashi [email protected]
3. Dr.  Skënder Bruçaj sbrucaj@beder.edu.al
4. Msc. Elton Karaj ekaraj@beder.edu.al
5. Msc. Hysni Skura hskura@beder.edu.al
6. Msc.  Xhorxhina Seferi xhseferi@beder.edu.al
7.  Msc. Lorela Shehu lshehu@beder.edu.al