Bachelor in Islamic Sciences

Islamic Sciences bachelors program offers an educational program for those who are interested in building their career in Islamic Theology. The length of the program is three years. Through offering a variety of perspectives and ideas in Islamic Sciences, the program has been designed to help students gain an intellectual vision.                                    

About the department

Department of Islamic Sciences in High Education Institute "Full Moon" (Badr) is part of the Faculty of Humanities. Islamic Sciences Department acts as the fundamental base that relies on unique and universal values ​​of religion, offers appropriate solutions for the needs of the age. The program is designed to offer students an intellectual horizon by providing a variety of conceptual perspectives in Islamic sciences.

Also, the Bachelor program in Islamic Sciences provides an education for all students who are interested in building their professional career in the public and private sector in the field of Islamic theology.


The mission of the department of Islamic Sciences is to prepare qualified individuals who possess the qualities of the basic sources of Islamic sciences, who read correctly and interpret themand closely follow needs and the progress of the field, individuals who are active and willing to cooperate, owning universal moral and ethical values, who​​are integrated into society, and who represent their profession in the most appropriate manner.


Our vision is to assist students in gaining the skills and competencies of reading and appreciation of classical and contemporary sources of Islamic sciences. Educating students in a way that they can absorb enough knowledge about the social and religious aspects and their interconnection with the field of study.Ability to express themselves in speech and writing what he or she has learned.Performing professional practices.

Duration of study

Bachelor Program in Islamic Sciences lasts three academic years, divided into six semesters.

Number of credits ECTS (European Credit Transfer System)

Bachelor program in Islamic Sciences contains a total of 180 ECTS Islamic. 1 ECTS = 25

Title of diploma

At the end of the program is awarded a diploma titled "Bachelor in Islamic Sciences ".

Employment opportunities

Students who will graduate from the Department of Islamic Sciences will have the first opportunity of employment at the headquarters of the Albanian Muslim Community (COSS). In addition, the Albanian Muslim Community has local offices in all cities of Albania led by office of mufti. All mosques, cultural centers and courses run by the respective district office of mufti. Students graduating from the department of Islamic Sciences will have priority for jobs in one of these institutions. In particular, they can be hired as a director or as an assistant director in the institutions mentioned above (COSS Center, Mufti which consists of staff assigned, mosque, various courses, cultural centers, etc..)

Second, students who graduate from the department of Islamic science teacher can be hired starting 9-year cycles of medium madrassas COSS stretching in Tirana, Durres, Shkodra, Kavaja, Elbasan, Korca, Gjirokastra, etc.. Another employment opportunity is to become a lecturer and research assistant at the Hena e Plote Beder Univeristy.