Master of Science in Islamic Sciences

The Program M.Sc. in Islamic Sciences provides education for all students who are interested in building their professional careers in both the public and private sectors in the field of Islamic Sciences. This cycle lasts two years and the program is designed to provide students with an intellectual horizon, presenting a variety of concepts and perspectives in the field of Islamic Sciences.  
Type of program, duration, number of credits
The master degree in Islamic Sciences is a full-time study program and the duration of studies is two academic years/4 semesters. Students must complete 120 ECTS in order to graduate. The program is offered in the Albanian language. At the end of the program, students are provided with a degree: Master of Science in Islamic Sciences. 
For all those students who aim to build their professional and academic career in the field of Islamic Sciences, the program offers:
1. Training of qualified specialists in the field of Islamic Sciences, who can serve as staff in various institutions varying on the Islamic communities and Muslim communities, such as the mufti, madrasas and other structures under their auspices in Albania, Kosovo, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro, Albanian territories and diaspora, as well as University College Bedër, educational institutions, hospitals, asylums, prisons, etc. in different parts of the world.
2. Graduation in the second cycle "master" in Islamic Sciences and continuing studies in the third cycle not only in Islamic Sciences, but also in other fields of Social Sciences, such as history, psychology, sociology, philosophy, graduates with employment opportunities in other public and private institutions in Albania, in the region and other countries in the world. 3. This program offers opportunities for professional internships, exchange programs, leaving the students the freedom to organize extracurricular activities, student conferences and study opportunities under the “Erasmus +” programs.
3. Students will be equipped with knowledge, skills and experience in various areas of the discipline of Islamic Sciences intertwined with social sciences and disciplines such as sociology, philosophy, psychology of religion, pedagogy, etc. 
4. Training of specialists in the field in government institutions and organizations and various national and international NGOs. 
5. The program offers the prospect of becoming a national, regional and international centre of Islamic Studies. for the students, promoting in this way the department and the institution itself.
6. Opportunity to participate in various national and international projects mainly in the field of Humanities, Islamic Studies, social projects, the fight against radicalism and violent extremism,
1. The Master of Science in Islamic Sciences program is the only program that offers studies in the field of Islamic Sciences in Albania. Creating in this way opportunities for the students enrolled in the course to grow as individuals and carry the qualities and abilities of reading and perception of the basic sources of Islamic studies. In this was they also follow the needs and progress of information in this field, becoming a researcher active, cooperative, integrated in society and manifesting national and universal values, as well as possessing ethical, cultural and professional qualities.
2. The need for graduates in the field of Islamic Sciences be it in Albania, the region and the West, where in addition to the academic aspect of this field, importance is given to preserving the centuries-old Albanian tradition of Islam in our lands, as a model for Europe as well.
3. One of the richest libraries with Islamic literature in Albania in several languages, which is a good opportunity for scientific research in this field, beyond the academic staff of the department.
4. The numerous opportunities for students, offered by the department for professional internships and trainings inside and outside the country at various educational, training and academic institutions, offer them valuable experiences for their career.
5. Official collaborations with national and international universities, as well as with other institutions, through which the Department of Islamic Sciences achieves the objectives for practice, scientific research, experience exchange and employment of graduates. 
6. The Master of Science program in Islamic Sciences is in line with and best serves the national strategy for combating radicalism and violent extremism.
7. Academic activities, such as panels, workshops, seminars, symposia and conferences familiarize the students with academic life, from the very beginning of their educational journey. This opens the doors to a broader academic and professional pathway.
8. The opportunity to publish the best works of master theses and other student  projects attending the program of Islamic Sciences in the cultural magazine “Drita Islame”, the scientific journal “Zani i Naltë”, and in other bodies of Muslim Community of Albania increases the motivation for further scientific research in the field of Islamic Sciences. 
Admission criteria in the study program 
Admission of the students in the program Master of Science in Islamic Sciences offered by the Department of Islamic Sciences is based on three main criteria, each with a certain percentage: a) The average grading of the first cycle of the studies, at the rate of 70%. b) Interview by the Scientific Committee of the relevant Department, at the rate of 30%. c) level B1 certificate for one of the five foreign languages based in the instruction no. 52, dated 3.12.2015.
Curriculum of the study program 
The curriculum, organization of modules by subjects and the formative activity for the Master of Science program in Islamic Sciences are presented in the following tables: