Course Title : Knowledge of Qur'an and it's Translation
Code Course
Credits ECTS
ISC 113-1 B 1 2 0 0 2.00 5
Lecturer and Office Hours
Teaching Assistant and Office Hours
Language Albanian, Turkish
Course Level
Description The subject “Knowledge about Kuran and its translation” is in introductory form in the sciences of Kuran. We will discuss the broad definition of Kuran, ways of divine proclamation, history of the text of Kuran up to modern days. We will study all the historical periods and physical changes that has undergone the book and its components during the history. Analysing a text can be gained knowledge about its translation, which is important for every one who does not have the Arabic language as his mother tongue. This subject prepares the student for the sciences of Kuran
Objectives It aims to give to the students the basic knowledge about the sciences of Kuran, supplying them with a relative information on the issues of descending and transmition of Kuran text. So it is aimed presentation a clear portrait of divine book
Course Outline
1Classical definition of Divine Kuran and its broad commenting
2Definition of Kuran in the prophetic tradition and its commenting
3Vahji, its definition and its types
4The stages of Kur’an up to descent to the Prophet (s.a.s)
5The protection of Kur’an in the life of Prophet (s.a.s)
6The collection of Ku’ran during the period of first khalif of Ebu Bekri (r.a)
7Term aiets and their sura
8Midterm Exam
9Surets and mekase ajets and medinas. Their distinctions, shapes and forms of nominating the sures.
10The multiplication of Kur’an in the period of third Khalif Osman (r.a)
11Seven letters and sciences of kiraets
12The history of the development of punctuation and the placement of harecs in the Kur’an tex
13Tefsir, te’uil, translation and meal. The terms in the explanation and understanding of the divine text.
14Compared translation of sure Huxhurat - 1.
15Compared translation of sure Huxhurat - 2.
16Final Exam
Other References
Laboratory Work
Computer Usage
Learning Outcomes and Competences
1The students will be supplied with general knowledge about the definition of Kur’an by some point of views
2The students will be supplied with detailed knowledge about the descent and transmition of the devine text of Kur’an
3The students will be supplied with general knowledge about the methods of translation of Kur’an
Course Evaluation Methods
In-term studies Quantity Percentage
Term Projects00
Contribution of in-term studies to overall grade45
Contribution of final examination to overall grade55
ECTS (Allocated Based on Student) Workload
Activities Quantity Duration
Total Workload
Course Duration (Including the exam week : 16 x Total course hours) 16232
Hours for off-the-classroom study (Pre-study, practice) 14342
Assignments 100
Midterms 12121
Final examination 13030
Other 000
Total Work Load 125
Total Work Load / 25 (hours) 5

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