A TRAINING PROGRAMME FOR IMAMS (ISLAM AND COMMUNICATIONS IN PUBLIC) / 3- Islam and Communications in Public (the Region of Bulqiza, Dibra and Burrel )

        This training programme took place in 15.11.2014. The objective of the training programme was to provide knowledge and communications skills for community-based issues. The training program has been joined by many religious official such as the Deputy Head of Muslim Community of Albania, Muftis and Imams from Region of Bulqiza, Dibra and Burrel. The Imam training program was organized into 2 sessions. The programme was as followed:

         1- Zarfi Rizal Quran Recitation. 2- Welcome Speech of the director of the center Dr. Atakan Derelioğlu. 3- Welcome Speech of the deputy head of Albanian Muslim Community Bujar Spahiu.  4- Greeting speech of Mufti of Dibra Muiz Kurtulla. 5- Speech of Ramadan Çipuri “The Art of Communication in Public". 6- Coffee Break. 7- Speech of Head of the Department of Islamic Sciences Dr. Selman Kuzu “Methodologies of the da’wa in Islam. 8- Speech of Muhammed Mutevelli, “Qualities of Da'iyah (caller to İslam) and İslamic methods of Da'wah (invitation)” 9- Elton Karaj “Presentation on İntroduction to the Department of İslamic Sciences". 10- Hysni Skura “Presentation of BEDER Center of Islamic Studies” 11-Ceremony for the Distribution of Certificates.  12- Lunch