Prof.Dr. Ayhan Tekineş visits the Faculty of Islamic Sciences in Pristina and Skopje

Vc.rector and Dean of the Faculty of Humanities at Bedër University Prof. Dr. Ayhan Tekines along with leaders of the Muslim Community of Albania held a working visit to Kosovo and Macedonia. Delegation was composed of Head of Muslim Community Mr .Skender Brucaj, Director of Culture at MC, Mr. Genti Kruja and chief of the Department of Islamic Sciences at Bedër University, Mr. Adil Kutlu, who were welcomed by the head of the Islamic Community of Kosovo Mufti NaimmTërnava and his staff.

During his stay in Pristina, the delegation also visited the Faculty of Islamic Sciences, where it was welcomed by Dean Prof. Dr. Qazim Qazimi and university staff. Both sides agreed to an academic collaboration with joint activities in the three centers, Tirana, Pristina and Skopje. In conclusion, the Dean of Pristina handed a certificate of gratitude to the vice rector of Bedër University Prof. Dr. Ayhan Tekines for the cooperation so far.

After its visit to Pristina, delegation from Albania continued the visit to Skopje, at the Islamic Religious Community in Macedonia, where they were welcomed by the community leader Sulejman Rexhepi and General Secretary Mr. Afrim Tahiri. Mr. Rexhepi expressed his satisfaction for the visit and emphasized that the doors for cooperation in Skopje will always be open and will have the highest institutional support.

Later, the delegation visited the Faculty of Islamic Sciences in Skopje, where they were welcomed by Dean Prof.Dr. Fahredin Edipi, also by the academic staff.  Mr.Edipi also expressed his willingness for a close collaboration in academic field with Albanian Muslim Community and Bedër University.