The Second International Conference on Islamic Studies is held

The Department of Islamic Sciences at the University College Bedër held the Second International Conference on Islamic Studies (ISCON) on "The Role of Women in Modern Society in Islamic Perspective". This conference was held in cooperation with the Muslim Community of Albania and with the World Council of Muslim Communities. The conference brought together scholars from different countries of the world, academics, representatives of public institutions and civil society, as well as students.

At the greeting session were present H. Skender Bruçaj, Chairman of the Muslim Community of Albania, Prof. dr. Dr. Ferdinand Gjana, Rector of Bedër University College, Dr. Mohammed Bechari, Secretary General of the World Council of Muslim Communities, and Ms. Loreta Aliko, Chair of the State Committee for Cults.

In his greeting speech, the Chairman of the PCC, Bruçaj, focused on the work and contribution of the institution he represents in raising awareness of society on the importance and vital role of women in the stability and progress of our society.

"In Albania, Muslim women are active in social life in various roles, such as teachers, doctors, engineers, politicians, etc., providing a model and an important contribution to the progress and well-being of our society. But, on the other hand, it is a pity when we see that we are still facing the problem of domestic violence, which is one of the main causes of the high number of divorces in the country. Therefore, let this conference serve as another important contribution to further strengthening the role of women in all spheres of society, "said Mr. Bruçaj during his speech.

The session continued with the greeting speech of Rector of the University College Bedër, Prof. dr. Dr. Ferdinand Gjana, who focused on the historical context of developing the figure of women in our society over the years.

"Looking back and looking at the historical circumstances of the development of the Albanian society, the figure of the woman appears in a constant effort to gain her rights in the family and in the society. Given this I think we all need to contribute, in different forms and ways, to the equality of women in all aspects of social life. I think that the works of this conference, like many other similar platforms developed earlier, will further contribute to the further consolidation of women in all spheres of public and social life of the century in which we live, emphasized Prof. dr. Dr. Ferdinand Gjana.

While Dr. Mohammed Bechari, Secretary General of the World Council of Muslim Communities, as a representative of this community in the proceedings of today's conference, thanked for the cooperation of the Bedër University College and the Muslim Community of Albania for the cooperation in dealing with such a special topic not only for the Albanian society, but also for the global one.

"Today's speakers will shed some light on different themes that affect the social-cultural involvement of Muslim women in the society they live in. A very important point in this conference is to identify the most applicable solutions to any current issues of women's role in the 21st century society, "said Dr. Mohammed Bechari.

Further, Mrs. Loreta Aliko, Chairman of the State Committee for Cults, shared with her attendees her greeting speech.

"Women represent a precious contingent for every political-economic system, for their own intellectual trunk, for the inherent intuition they carry, for the inexhaustible energies they possess. Women's empowerment is a priority for the development of a healthy, open and inclusive society and for the acceleration of economic and social growth, "said among other things. Loreta Aliko.

The conference was further developed by referring to various topics that affected the diverse aspects of women's role in the Islamic view of 21st Century society, such as: "The patriotic, emancipatory and cultural contribution of Muslim women in the history of Albania," " Divorce and Domestic Violence, the Wound of Modern Society, "" The Role of Women in the Education of Generations, Based on Islamic Cultural Magazines, "" Sociological Analysis of Religion, Education and Family: The Example of Women's Role in Islam etc.