The Second Student Conference in Islamic Science is held

Students of the Department of Islamic Sciences organized the second student conference in Islamic Sciences, on the topic: "The intellectual aspects in the Islamic Culture magazine 1939-1946".
In this conference were discussed about the history, values ​​and objectives of this magazine, attended by the Chairman of the Muslim Community of Albania, the director of the Medresah of Tirana, professors and students of  Bedër, and students from the Medresah of Tirana.
The conference opened with reading The Quran from the student Abdullah Ziba and then the greeting speech was taken over by the Department of Islamic Sciences, Dr. Genti Kruja, who made a general presentation about the Muslim press and periodicals after the proclamation of Independence.
The Vice Chairman of the KMSH, Lauren Luli spoke of the challenges that the bodies of the Muslim community and in particular the Islamic press passed year after year. He also talked about the need to recognize old magazines that will enrich our world with the stories and contributions our ancestors have left.
The greeting speech was received by the director of the Tirana Medresah, Ali Zaimi, whose speech focused on the role played by periodics in the lives of young people, the contribution they can show with their talents, and so on.
Subsequently, the conference continued the work with two sessions, where students referred to their works.