Course Title : Hadith Texts
Code Course
Credits ECTS
ISC 212-1 B 4 4 0 0 4.00 5
Lecturer and Office Hours
Teaching Assistant and Office Hours
Language Albanian, Turkish, Arabic
Course Level
Description In this subject we will treat topics about the history and methodology of hadith. The purpose of this subject is a better understanding of hadiths by the students and the necessary supply required to gain by the sources of hadith. In this way it is examined the main terms of hadith, transmiters of hadith, works and main sciences of hadith. These topics are inquired bearing in mind the historical development of hadith, in this way the students learn to evaluate the hadiths and their methods of transmition
Objectives Reading of the hadiths about the words and deeds of Prophet
Course Outline
1Presentation: Hadith and Synnet
2The importance of Hadithit
3Metodology of Hadith briefly
4The history of Hadith
5Reading of some selected Hadiths Purpose, Sincerity and Knowledge
6Reading of some selected Hadiths (Faith, practising the orders of religion, Namaz)
7Reading of some selected Hadiths ( Festing Haxh and Xhihad)
8Midterm Exam
9Reading of some selected Hadiths (Devotedness, repenting, prays, good moral)
10Reading of some selected Hadiths (Saluting, hearsays,)
11Reading of some selected Hadiths (Faith into someone, Patience Injustice)
12Reading of some selected Hadiths (Chairmanship, Family, do good to your parents)
13Reading of some selected Hadiths (Wife, Children, Orphans)
14Reading of some selected Hadiths (Relatives Neighboors, Poors)
15Reading of some selected Hadiths (General assessment)
16Final Exam
Other References
Laboratory Work
Computer Usage
Learning Outcomes and Competences
1To increase the understanding of teh students, improve and use the necessary abilities to become a interpersonal comunicator
2The students will be able to understand the personal ways of cmmunication
3The students will be able to understand the interpersonal ways of communication
Course Evaluation Methods
In-term studies Quantity Percentage
Term Projects00
Contribution of in-term studies to overall grade50
Contribution of final examination to overall grade50
ECTS (Allocated Based on Student) Workload
Activities Quantity Duration
Total Workload
Course Duration (Including the exam week : 16 x Total course hours) 16464
Hours for off-the-classroom study (Pre-study, practice) 14228
Assignments 050
Midterms 12020
Final examination 11313
Other 000
Total Work Load 125
Total Work Load / 25 (hours) 5

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