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Head of Department
Dr. Genti Kruja gkruja@beder.edu.al
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The formation of individuals who possess the qualities of fundamental sources of Islamic sciences and who read and interpret them accurately; who follow the needs and progress of the field closely; who are active and ready to cooperate; who are enlightened; who possess moral and ethical qualities; who are integrated into the society; who possess universal ethical values and who represent their profession appropriately.

Help students gain skills and competencies of reading and assessing the basic sources of Islamic sciences. Educating students in a way that they can absorb sufficient knowledge about the social and religious aspects of sciences so that they can observe the interrelationships within the field. Gain ability to express in oral and written form what he or she has been taught. Producing solutions to the problems encountered in field of research and propose it to the public institutions. Performing of the professional practices.

Job Opportunities:
Students who graduate from the Department of Islamic Sciences will have employment opportunities firstly in the headquarters of the Albanian Muslim Community (AMC). In addition, AMC has local offices in all cities of Albania run by the mufties. All mosques, tutoring and cultural centers are administered by the respective district Mufties. Students who graduate from Islamic Sciences department will have priority in attaining a job in one of these institutions.  Specifically, they can be hired as directors or assistant directors in the above mentioned institutions. Secondly, students who graduate from Islamic Sciences department can be hired as a teacher in the Medreses of MCA which are located in the cities of Tirana, Durrës, Shkodra, Kavaja, Elbasan, Korca, Gjirokastra etc. Another employment opportunity is to become a lecturer and researcher at "Hëna e Plotë” (Bedër) University.


Faculty Members


No. Title Name Surname e-Mail
1. Dr. Genti Kruja gkruja@beder.edu.al
2. Prof.Asoc.Dr. Rahim Ombashi rombashi@beder.edu.al
3. Dr.  Atakan  Derelioglu aderelioglu@beder.edu.al
4. Dr. Jamal Alsafarti jalsafarti@beder.edu.al
5. Dr. Fatih Bagci fbagci@beder.edu.al
6. Msc.  Veton Tulla vtulla@beder.edu.al
7.  Msc. Elton Karaj ekaraj@beder.edu.al
8. Msc. Hekuran Uzuni huzuni@beder.edu.al
9. Msc. Hysni Skura hskura@beder.edu.al
10. Msc. Kasim Ilhan kilhan@beder.edu.al
11. Msc.  Lorela Shehu lshehu@beder.edu.al